An exploration in design and that DIY life…

My name is Annick and I’m a graphic design student who’s been out exploring: in nature, in the art world, inside myself… I’ve been figuring out new ways to hold my place in this world. I’ve been learning to metal smith and have really fallen in love with the idea of making jewelry (now, to set up my studio so I can be actively making jewelry)! Later this month, I’m picking screen printing back up. It’s fun to be trying so many new things (even if some of them were a big part of my past) – it’s all new when you pick up new materials, on a new day, try new processes, new designs – each moment is fresh as you’re just being present and working your way through it. I’m at a time in my life where I’m trying not to limit myself – instead, I’m seeking more art in my life (I love a good gallery stroll). I’m trying to learn more DIY skills, this includes learning about all different facets of design: architecture, Adobe software, photography…and I can’t wait to keep up my coursework so I can learn some more print production techniques and animation in the coming semesters. Life is more fun when we try new things! Welcome to my world, where I hope we’ll all keep learning skills and learning more about ourselves.

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