Should I use RGB or CMYK for my InDesign Workspace?

Preparing artwork for print is one of the things that is guaranteed to cause headaches for designers from time to time. One thing that I’ve learned as a design student is that it’s smart to start planning a project by thinking of the output first. How am I going to deliver this design project?

The output is really all that matters in the end.

So, we want to make sure that we set ourselves up so that our final product looks outstanding – or else – we end up looking less than professional.

I found a great article with some pre-press tips. It showed me that as technology advances, so must we. This article explains why it may now be ok to place RGB images in InDesign & simply convert them to CMYK later (instead of on the front-end). Yes, it’s suggesting just to convert images when ready to print (instead of converting to CMYK from the start).


I’m not totally convinced or willing to suggest following this article’s method to a tee, but I do plan to experiment with their suggestions. And like they say in the article: “When you convert RGB images to CMYK, you lose those out-of-gamut colors, and they won’t come return if you convert back to RGB.”

With so many marketing campaigns including digital applications – keeping your images as RGB (to retain as many colors and pixels as possible) seems like a good practice & you can always convert to CMYK, if needed, before sending any files ‘for print’ to the printer.