My name is Annick Le Goff, a Durham, NC native. Heeeeyyyyy Durm folx!!!

I started Annick Le Goff Design Studio in 2015, as a side project / a new creative endeavor – a way to give my dreams space to become a reality. And now it’s (one of) my full-time hustles.


I’ve realized that I’m great with detailed client work – so if you’d like help with a project – and expect quality results –  please holler at me!

I’ve helped clients build WordPress.com websites, provided SEO consulting and implementations, and I am always happy to help on a rebranding project or custom design solution for your small business.

Services range from: flyer design, layout work, and digital content creation (visual and written), branding/rebranding, business cards, logo design, content strategy, photo optimization (editing, colorizing and formatting for the web and social media). + really, I’m flexible.

Let’s chat about your business needs + decide the best path forward.

You can contact me here ; ).