Photo Retouching


In this project, I was given the image below to resize, crop and visually enhance. I flipped the image horizontally, which made the cats look off to the left, instead of the right. Then, I cropped the image to show only 3 cats – and also to make the image more focused – the cropped version fills the frame more and thereby draws more attention.

I used Auto Tone to try and set the black and white points of the image, but there wasn’t much of a change, so I added an adjustment layer and tweaked the Levels. Then, I converted the image to Black and White, and adjusted the brightness and contrast to enhance the image. The last step was to do the three S’s of prepping an image to post on the web (Shrink, Sharpen, and Save). I made the max width 1200 pixels and saved as a medium quality JPEG, since that’s a good file format for preserving the details and colors in photographs.

It’s fun to see how a few fast, simple tweaks can create a totally new image, with a completely different vibe. Which one do you prefer?

Original Photo of Black Cats
This is the original image of the Black Cats